Expenses To Find Out About Before You Buy A Home

Buying a house is a big investment, and it will result in you having to pay numerous types of bills. The main bill you will have is a house payment, but it is also important to find out how much the other bills and expenses of owning this house will be if you go through with the purchase. Here are several other expenses you will have if you buy a house, and you should find out how much these will be to make sure you can afford the house you want to buy.

Real estate taxes

If you own a house, even if you have a mortgage, you will have to pay property taxes on it. The tax amount you pay will depend on the size and age of the house, as well as the town, county, and location of the house. Tax payments are generally due twice a year, and the amounts may be added to your mortgage payment each month through an escrow account.

Property taxes can vary, but they are typically a relatively big expense of homeownership, and this is why you should find out how much they will be before you buy the house. By doing this, you can figure this into your budget to see if you can afford it.


Another expense to find out about before buying a house is the cost of the utilities each month. Some homes are located in areas that have city water and sewer systems. If the home you are buying has these, you will have to figure these expenses into your budget, and you might not be used to paying for these things if you moved from a rural area.

In addition, the home will have other utility bills, such as gas and electric. If the home is older or is not insulated well, the utilities on the home might cost more than what you would expect. This is why you should find out about the average cost of utilities, and you can find this out by asking the homeowner for copies of utility bills from the past year.

Homeowner's association fees

If you are buying a house that is part of a homeowner's association (HOA), you will also have to pay a fee each month to the HOA. This fee can vary too, and you should always ask about this before you sign a purchase agreement.

Knowing what these expenses will be with a particular house can help you find the right house to buy. To learn more, talk to a real estate agent in your neighborhood.